Our Story

The beginnings
Sisters and entrepreneurs Kristie Moore and Cynthia Hughes opened Refashion Consigned Clothing in September of 1996. With past experience in retail and consignment industries, they blended their knowledge of current fashion with an eye for selecting top notch apparel and accessories for the discriminating shopper.

Because of rapid growth, Refashion expanded three times within their original space over the course of four years. With the goal of expanding into consigned furniture, a second location with more space was needed. In October, of 2000, Refashion launched Refurnish Consigned Home Furnishings, specializing in better quality consigned furniture and accessories. Shortly after opening Refurnish, clothing and furniture were merged together to form one large 5300 sq. ft. consignment "Super Store", now renamed Refashion Consigned Furniture & Clothing.

Introducing 'ReArrange'
With a passion for interior design and years of experience creating store displays and room vignettes their next expansion into an Interior Arranging Service was a natural fit for the sisters and the business. Hughes was professionally trained and is a graduate candidate member of the Interior Arrangement and Design Association (IADA). In January of 2003 Rearrange Home Interior Arranging was added to the list of services available through Refashion.
In the spring and summer of 2003 Hughes and Moore produced 2 redesign episodes with HGTV's syndicated show Decorating Cents. The redesign segments will be broadcast in the 2003 Fall season of Decorating Cents.

Refashion today
In 2020 Cynthia Hughes, the founder and genius of  Refashion for its quality and value retired handing the torch to a passionate couple: Rob and Alisha Arguello.  They are excited to continue the legacy of Refashion. Growth has been based on Refashion's commitment to providing quality products and services, at reasonable prices with personal service in a fun and visually appealing atmosphere.